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AnEsonGib Vs McBroom 2

It wasn’t quite as epic as their first clash last September, but AnEsonGib sent Austin McBroom spiralling to the canvas in their Kingpyn Boxing semifinal on Saturday. He snagged a third-round TKO victory.

The battle between the two influencers headlined the Kingpyn Card that aired live on FITE from Banc of California Stadium in L.A. The card included a number of high-profile fighters, including YouTube stars Elle Brooke and Ms. Danielka, rapper Blueface and a pair of knockout artists.

What to expect

The battle between social media stars Austin McBroom and AnEson Gib is set to go down this Saturday evening. The pair are set to face off in a professional boxing match at the Banc of California Stadium, live on FITE pay-per-view.

After a year of negotiations, the two YouTubers are finally lining up for a fight on the same card. The two men shared the bill on Social Gloves back in 2021, but didn’t get to face each other until now.

Fans will be keen to see how these two talented boxers get on, as they both have a large YouTube following. AnEsonGib has over 2.3 million subscribers on his channel, whilst Austin McBroom has 18.9 million, making this fight a big one for both of them.

It’s going to be an exciting match up for fans to watch, and a lot of work will have been put in by both fighters to prepare for this fight. Hopefully, they will be able to deliver a fantastic performance and bring out the best of their skills.

AnEsonGib has won his last five fights and is currently ranked number three on the YouTube fighter ranking system, so he should be well suited to beating McBroom. He will have to keep his concentration and work hard in order to win this fight.

The rematch between the two will take place on September 10, and fans are looking forward to seeing who comes out on top. It’s a special event, and will be taking place in the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

There’s also a co-main event featuring former Los Angeles Lakers star Nick “Swaggy P” Young, who will be facing off against influrncer Malcolm Minikon. The fight is scheduled for six rounds, so we expect to see a lot of action from this match up.

It’s a great opportunity to see these two boxers face off, as they are both known for their grit and tenacity in the ring. This fight will be a real test for them to prove that they can do it in a professional setting, and we expect to see them both put their all into the fight.


This Saturday night will see a big cross-over boxing event in Los Angeles. It’s headlined by a match between YouTubers Austin McBroom and AnEson Gib, with the co-main being a battle between TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder.

In their first fight, which took place at Social Gloves 2 last September, AnEsonGib dropped Austin McBroom five times. It was a brutal win for the Brit and he’s vowed to take on McBroom once again.

However, there’s a significant amount of beef between these two and it goes back to the Social Gloves event in 2021 when McBroom accused AnEsonGib of being a cheater on his wife. While it’s not clear if this will come to fruition, it’s certainly something that could linger on the internet for a while.

Considering that AnEsonGib was the underdog in his first bout with McBroom, many people are expecting him to win this rematch. It’s also likely that he’ll be in a better position to win the fight than his opponent because McBroom hasn’t been training as hard as he was before his fight against Taylor Holder.

That’s because he was recovering from an injury that he suffered at the end of the previous bout with Taylor Holder and his training has been delayed by a year. That’s why many are predicting that AnEsonGib will win this rematch and become the new Kingpyn champion.

The winner will likely go on to face the reigning Kingpyn champ, Jarvis. The final two winners will be crowned High Stakes Tournament Quarter-Final Champions and will have the chance to face each other in the Main Event.

While both of these men have been working hard in preparation for their upcoming bout, there’s one thing they must remember: it’s still just an exhibition. They have to be careful in order to avoid injury.

If they’re not careful, they might get knocked out before they even get to the ring. That’s why it’s crucial to keep an eye on the action and make the right moves at the right time. It’s also important to remember that both of these YouTubers are very competitive and they’re bound to want to win their upcoming matches.

Final Scorecard

After a great first fight in September, AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom return for a second matchup at the OVO Arena on Saturday. This time, they are both armed with their best punches, and this could be the night that they take it to the next level.

The two men will begin the first round of Kingpyn Boxing at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. GMT on April 22. The main event will feature AnEsonGib versus McBroom, while Whindersson Nunes and Filip Marcinek will also fight in the quarterfinals of the High Stakes tournament.

McBroom starts off the fight with a quick jab that isn’t landing very well, and Gib is backing him up into the corner. He then gets in a few headbutts, which the ref warns against. He then throws a few more punches, but none of them really land clean.

Both men are throwing a lot of punches in this round, and it’s getting quite one-way traffic! They are both going for the body.

This is a pretty close round, with both fighters throwing a fair amount of lefts and right hooks. This could be the night that they take it to another level, and if they can keep this up, they might win a second time!

After some shaky rounds, a big right by Gib knocks McBroom down. It’s not a good feeling for McBroom, but he’s still coming forward despite the fact that it’s slightly shaky!

The referee calls it a technical knockout, and that’s a huge win for Gib. He is able to end his opponent’s night with a victory and cement his place in the history books.

Despite the controversial outcome of the fight, the MMA community is buzzing about the outcome. Several fans have even gone as far as to share “punch stats” on social media, showing a wild contrast between the two men.

While the rematch between AnEsonGib and McBroom didn’t produce as much drama as their first encounter, it was still a great matchup. The two fighters showed grit and tenacity in this fight, and it’s clear that they have more than enough firepower to win. Ultimately, I believe that Ali Eson Gib will be the winner of this matchup, and he will be able to send a message to McBroom to move on from this feud.

Round-By-Round Analysis

The second round of the eson gib vs mcbroom 2 fight is underway, and fans are excited to see the two social media influencers go head-to-head in this exhibition boxing match. In addition to the main event, which is headlined by a rematch between AnEsonGib and Austin McBroom, there are several other matches that have been signed for the undercard, including TikTok stars Adam Saleh vs. Landon McBroom and Reality TV star DeMoor vs. Wharton, and a battle between rapper Blueface and Ed Matthews.

The first round of the eson gib vs McBroom 2 fight was quite exciting. Both fighters landed some hard punches and put together good combinations in the opening round. In fact, a lot of the round was built around body shots. It was also a close fight, with both men putting their hands up, but AnEsonGib managed to come out on top.

In the end, the referee stepped in for 10 count and AnEsonGib was given the win. It is the second time that AnEsonGib has won a bout against McBroom, and this was his first professional victory.

McBroom started the first round with a jab and then quickly threw several hooks to the body. He was able to get the referee’s attention and he was forced to step in for a 10 count.

Hall threw a few punches and was caught with a few upper cuts by McBroom, but it wasn’t enough to knock him out. A few seconds later, Hall threw another barrage of punches and this one was called off by the referee.

During the middle of the round, McBroom threw a few hooks and a few upper cuts to the body. He was able to put pressure on Hall and keep him down for most of the round.

A few moments later, Hall threw a couple of hooks and a few upper cuts to his body, but it wasn’t enough to knock out McBroom. A few more seconds passed, and the referee stepped in for a 10 count.

AnEsonGib and McBroom were a huge draw at the last Kingpyn Boxing event, and they should be even bigger this time around. However, this isn’t the first time that these two have fought each other, and they have a lot of bad blood between them. This goes back to their fight at Social Gloves 2021, where AnEsonGib accused McBroom of committing a “human error” that cost him the bout. Nevertheless, the pair should have an enjoyable evening in London on Saturday.