NBA Award Rankings – Who’s Leading MVP 2023?

NBA Award Rankings Whos Leading MVP 2023

If you’re a basketball fan, you’re probably looking for a clear winner in this year’s MVP race. Unlike previous years, this season’s MVP race is actually tight. This is because the league has changed the MVP awards to honor the Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan. However, there are still plenty of contenders. Those in the know have already been able to spot a few players that stand out. Several players are writing their own history in front of the voters’ eyes. The NBA’s new MVP Award Tracker uses a model built from previous voting results to determine who has the best chance at winning the award.

While there’s no clear-cut MVP winner, there are plenty of candidates that have put up some strong numbers. These include the Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid, who is leading the team to a league-best record. His stats are impressive across the board, and it’s not surprising to see him ranked among the top five MVP contenders.

Jayson Tatum, who leads the Boston Celtics to a 26-11 record, is also in the MVP conversation. Despite not playing a whole lot, he’s produced some solid numbers, including a career high in points, assists, and rebounds. He’s also had a few games where he’s shown off the ability to put up impressive numbers in a short period of time.

Another candidate is Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has led the Milwaukee Bucks to a 23-13 record. He’s averaging a double-double in the most important category. He’s averaging 33.8 points and 8.8 rebounds per game. Considering he’s a two-time MVP candidate, this might be his year to add to his illustrious career.

Nikola Jokic, who leads the Denver Nuggets to a Western Conference first place finish, is averaging a triple-double for the second time in his career. He’s shooting 62.6 percent from the field and 38.4 percent from three-point range. Even though he’s been a little streaky in recent weeks, he’s had a couple of games where he’s poured in at least a triple-double.

Luka Doncic, who leads the Dallas Mavericks to a 14-10 record, is also a serious contender. He’s averaging a career high in points, rebounds, and assists. He’s been a top-10 player in the league in scoring and rebounding, and he’s been a stellar passer.

Lastly, there’s Jalen Brunson, who has played a huge role in helping the New York Knicks to a 10-6 record. Having just earned a contract, he’s producing numbers in his new home, averaging 22.3 points and 6.2 assists in his last ten games.

With the NBA season halfway over, we’ve got a better idea of who should be considered as the MVP of 2023. While it might seem like Jayson Tatum is the best bet for the award, you might have to consider Nikola Jokic, Ja Morant, and Luka Doncic for the title. As long as the Mavericks, Nuggets, and Knicks keep their playoff hopes alive, these four should have a shot at the big prize.