Which Teams Are Going To The NBA PLAYOFFS?


The NBA playoffs are a series of matches and finals in which the top teams from each conference compete to become the NBA champion.

There are many factors that influence the success of NBA teams. However, outright predictions can be a tough task to make.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are one of two charter Basketball Association of America (BAA) franchises still playing in their original city. They are currently owned by Boston Basketball Partners LLC and have been successful in the NBA for several years.

The Celtics have a long history of winning championships. They are tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most NBA Championships won (17).

In the 1950s, they had a great run of eight consecutive championships starting in 1959, led by Hall of Famers Bill Russell and Bob Cousy, along with legendary coach Red Auerbach. The team also dominated the league in the 1960s with Hall of Famers Bill Walton and Larry Bird.

After a long period of rebuilding in the late 1990s, the Celtics have made a lot of progress over the past few seasons. They are now a top contender in the Eastern Conference.

They have a great supporting cast to go along with their star Jayson Tatum, who was recently selected in the 2017 NBA Draft. The team is expected to be a threat in the postseason with both Tatum and Jaylen Brown leading the way for the Celtics.

The Celtics are one of the most popular teams in the NBA and have a strong rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers. They have fought in the Finals 12 times, with the Celtics winning nine.

Toronto Raptors


The NBA season rolled into an exciting playoff stretch last month, with 142 days between the end of the regular season and the start of the postseason. As the playoffs begin, there are 20 teams that will battle it out for a shot at an NBA Championship.

For some of these teams, the postseason feels like a clean slate and a fresh start. This is especially true for the Boston Celtics, who were one of the best teams in the league this year, but fell just short of a title.

Likewise, the Philadelphia 76ers had an amazing run in the regular season, but have been pushed back by injuries. They still have All-Star center Joel Embiid, but have also lost first All-Star center Jarret Allen and rookie sensation Evan Mobley.

However, if Embiid and the 76ers can get healthy, they could be a real threat to win their first round matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers also lack playoff experience and have been plagued by injuries in the latter half of the season.

The Oklahoma Thunder have a strong core of young players that were part of their title team in 2019. They didn’t have a star to carry them this season, but they have been playing great basketball. They’ll likely have to rely on their veterans to make a deep run, but they have the firepower to do so.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the most beloved basketball teams in America. They are a member of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division and play their home games at the Wells Fargo Center in the city of Philadelphia.

The 76ers are currently competing in the 2018-19 NBA season and are looking to make a return to the NBA Finals. They have a strong starting lineup that includes Tobias Harris, Al Horford, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Josh Richardson.

Despite the loss of Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard, this is still an elite team that has a lot to offer the Eastern Conference. The 76ers have a great young core that they want to build up for future success.

They have also drafted Tyrese Maxey in the third round of the draft, who is expected to improve their scoring significantly. The Sixers have two seasoned All-Stars in Embiid and Harden who want to see their young teammate take his game to the next level.

In order to get to the NBA Finals, the 76ers will have to win their upcoming playoff series against the Toronto Raptors. They have been 1-3 against them in the regular season, but they have the opportunity to change that.

The 76ers have a long history of making championship runs in the NBA, but they have had trouble getting past the second round of the playoffs since their 1983 season. However, fans of the 76ers are always patient and have faith in their team’s future.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a professional basketball team that plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA). They currently play at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, which is located in downtown Cleveland.

The Cavaliers made their debut in 1970, and they have since made numerous playoff appearances. However, they have not been able to win the NBA title in their history.

In 2007, the Cavaliers reached the NBA Finals for the first time in their history. LeBron James led the team to victory, and this year the team is looking for a repeat performance.

Despite the fact that they have not been to the Finals in a while, they still are a very good team. They currently sit in the eighth spot of the Eastern Conference.

But will they be able to make it back? If they do, they will face the Boston Celtics.

This series will be a hard one to predict. But it will definitely be interesting to see what happens!

The Cavaliers are a very good team that has been winning consistently since 2003. They are also a very popular team in the city of Cleveland. They have a large following and are always packed for their games.

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have been in the NBA for more than 70 years, and they are one of the most recognizable teams in the world. They are an Atlantic Division team in the Eastern Conference and play their home games at Madison Square Garden, which is a famous stadium in Manhattan.

The Knicks have had a number of great playoff runs in their history. Some of these include their Cinderella run in 1999 when they eliminated the Miami Heat and advanced to the NBA Finals.

Pat Riley was the head coach of this dynasty, and he led them to two championships during his tenure. He also coached the Lakers to four NBA titles during his career.

His first team won 60 games, and they were ranked first in the league in defense. They also had a dominant offense, with Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing leading the way.

In the NBA Finals, they beat the Los Angeles Lakers in five games. They were a talented team, and the Lakers just weren’t good enough to overcome them.

In 2021, the Knicks have a strong chance of making the postseason for the first time since 2013. However, they have a long way to go before they can rival some of the other great teams in Knicks history. They will need a significant overhaul to achieve their goal. But they are going in the right direction and their young players have plenty of potential.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks will be a team to watch this year. They have a talented young team and will be looking to get some playoff experience. They are also going to have to decide what kind of commitment they will make to their star player.

The Hawks haven’t been to the NBA finals since they moved to Atlanta, but they did win the conference title in 2014-15. They did so with a 60-win season, and they advanced to the Eastern Conference finals before losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They had an uncommonly balanced attack that was unprecedented in team history. They had a number of players that averaged more than 10 points per game, including Paul Millsap and Jeff Teague.

These players sparked the offense and were extremely effective on both ends of the floor. They had a great combination of shooting and passing.

Lenny Wilkens was a floor general who had elite court vision and body control. He was able to create off the dribble and penetrate to get to the rim at will.

The Hawks have a lot of talent on their roster, but they haven’t been able to put it all together yet. They’ll need to find a way to bring this group together and make sure they can take advantage of the opportunities that arise. If they do that, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.