New York Knicks Looking For Two Second-Round Picks For Cam Reddish

New York Knicks Looking For Two Second-Round Picks For Cam Reddish


The New York Knicks are looking for two second-round picks in exchange for Cam Reddish. It has been reported that the Knicks have been in contact with the Los Angeles Lakers regarding the possibility of a deal.

Boston Celtics are the best team in the NBA

The Boston Celtics have a chance to become the first team in the modern era to reach a plus-7 rating. They have a lot of work to do on defense and the roster is still missing some key pieces. However, they’ve had a good start to the season, and their offense is one of the best in the NBA.

Their offense is a big part of the reason they are ranked the best in the league. Their offensive rating is the best in the NBA, and their net rating is the second best. Not only are they a good shooting team, but their bench has a big role to play.

Besides their high net rating, Boston’s defense is also a force. In their first nine games of the season, they have held two opponents to under 100 points. That’s something they haven’t done in a long time.

Boston is also the only team with a winning percentage above 70%. That’s not always a sign of a champion, but it’s not a bad thing. Having a team with a good defensive record can make a big difference in a playoff game.

Boston has been relatively healthy for the most part, and has made some important moves to upgrade its front office. They traded away Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce last year, and they added Malcolm Brogdon and Kyrie Irving in the offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers are connected to Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic for the longest time. This trade would give the Lakers another weapon to compliment Anthony Davis and LeBron James. But how much does a deal for Bogdanovic really cost the Lakers?

One reason the Lakers haven’t moved on from their pursuit of Bogdanovic is because of his contract status. While the 33-year-old has been a standout performer in a losing team, the Lakers would have to trade away several key veterans in order to acquire a player of Bogdanovic’s caliber.

According to ESPN, the Lakers have been discussing a Bojan Bogdanovic package with a number of teams, including the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns. A deal may be imminent.

However, a trade for Bogdanovic would likely play out until closer to the trade deadline. Although the Lakers’ interest in Bogdanovic is high, it would be unwise for the Lakers to meet the Pistons’ lofty demands.

Instead, the Lakers would have to settle for an offer that includes a first-round pick. However, the Lakers don’t have a lot of trading chips to choose from. They prefer to make use of their two first-rounders on All-Star talent.

Despite their recent success, the Lakers are still searching for more talent. With Russell Westbrook having a good start to his rookie season, the Lakers need a more stable frontcourt to support their All-Star.

New York Knicks are prepared to accept two second-round picks in return for Cam Reddish

New York Knicks president Leon Rose is reportedly willing to trade Cam Reddish before the NBA Trade Deadline. As reported by Marc Stein of the Daily News, the Knicks have set a price on Reddish, but are willing to accept two second-round picks in exchange.

A trade would also help the Knicks thin out their roster. The Knicks have been stockpiling picks this season. They could use more depth. However, Reddish is not likely to be re-signed by the Knicks during the offseason.

With the Knicks’ current roster stocked with picks, there is no reason for the team to keep a player such as Reddish. He has been a bench player for the Knicks since being traded from Atlanta to New York last summer.

While Reddish has shown potential, the 23-year-old is still in the developmental stage of his career. In addition to his physical attributes, he has the ability to play three-and-D. His defense is above average, and he can shoot from the deep.

Reddish’s market is complicated, as several teams are interested in him. Among those interested are the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Dallas Mavericks.

Miami has been monitoring the Reddish situation in New York for a while, and has expressed interest in acquiring him. But the Heat’s dearth of draft assets and luxury tax concerns may hinder their chances of acquiring him.